Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House

First Hmong-English Montessori in the United States

Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House is the nation’s first bilingual, bicultural Hmong-English Montessori School. It reaffirms the identity of its students and is dedicated towards building strong families. Hmong is spoken in the classroom every day, and a respect for Hmong culture is carefully integrated into the classroom.

Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House is a Montessori school that offers advanced, dynamic early-childhood education and daycare to children 33 months to 4 years, regardless of your family’s income level. Montessori education is unique and proven to build children’s academic and social skills more quickly and effectively than a traditional public school. Its approach nurtures children’s curiosity and creativity by allowing them to “discover” concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction. Our teachers supervise and allow students a choice of activities from within a set range of lessons.

At Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House, your child will learn:

  • Phonetics – Your child will learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet to learn how to read, write, and spell.
  • GeographyStudents will learn how to read maps and recognize countries, states, and various locations.
  • Mathematics – Your child will learn to count to 1000, and how to multiply, divide, and use fractions.
  • Social Skills – Your child will learn how to be courteous, polite, and respectful according to the customs of their culture.
  • Life Skills – Your child will learn how to clean up after themselves and what it means to respect their surrounding space.

Enroll your child today and help them obtain the best education possible!

1909 Ivy Avenue East

Saint Paul, MN 55119

Contact us at 651-207-1852 or email Say Vang | |  651-207-1854

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Hmoob Toj Siab Children’s House is a proud member of Association Montessori International (AMI)/USA, an organization that maintains the integrity of the Montessori approach. You can learn more about the organization at


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