Family-Based Crisis Services

HAP is here to help you and your family navigate through any crisis. If your child (age 5-17) is experiencing a crisis, or is struggling with a domestic challenge that affects their education and/or emotional development, we want to help. Left unchecked, this not only hurts your child, but can also force law enforcement and the courts to become involved. Our goal is to prevent this by identifying the root cause of why your child is struggling and offer solutions. Our highly trained staff will provide free case management support and will assess your child’s needs and work with you to help you realize them. This may include the following:

  • Home visits by HAP staff
  • Teaching basic life skills to help parents with their children.
  • Connecting parents to domestic/partner violence services.
  • Connecting families to community resources.
  • Mentoring services

If you and your family are already involved in the court system, or if Child Protective Services (CPS) has become notified, HAP can provide cultural and linguistic assistance in navigating through the process, advising your of your rights and mediating between these institutions and your family.


For more information about our Family-Based Crisis Services, please contact us at:

651-495-9160 |