On June 2, 2012, Saint Paul Public Library launched its Mobile WORKplace program. The Mobile WORKplace program is designed to provide computer access, skill training, and job search and skill assistance to participants. By collaborating with different public and private organizations, the program's community liaisons teach classes in Spanish, Hmong, Oromo, Karen, Amharic, and Somali on multiple subjects: including, but not limited to, career opportunities in different fields, basic computer software, and basic work readiness.

Mobile WORKplace and Rebecca Ryan, the Mobile WORKplace Manager, have been a great asset to Hmong American Partnership's (HAP) Family Supportive Services department and its youth programs. Mobile WORKplace has worked with both HAP's YouthLEAD and Academic and Career Mentorship Program (ACMP).

Mobile WORKplace liaisons have worked with over 40 youth. The program taught resume and cover letter writing to over 20 youth participants from YouthLEAD program. In addition, the liaisons also taught the youth about the basics of interviews and conducted mock interviews with the youth. In collaboration with ACMP, the liaisons led 20 youth in career exploration activities in the areas of math and science: including nursing, computer engineering, pharmacy, biology, and chemistry. Mobile WORKplace brought in presenters from different career fields to talk to youth about job expectations and career choices within these specific fields.

The program not only helped out with the academic and career goals of HAP's youth, but also waived library fees that the youth had incurred. They took the youth on field trips, exposed them to different and unconventional careers, and furthered their personal and career development. Overall, Saint Paul Public Library's Mobile WORKplace has been a great asset to HAP's youth programs. HAP is proud to feature Saint Paul Public Library as its Partner of the Month.

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