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This is a listing of full-text articles, dissertations, books and other research publications available for free on the internet related to Hmong and Southeast Asian American Studies. These links are provided for informational purposes only and inclusion does not imply that Hmong American Partnership endorses the contents of any research publication listed here. 
General Hmong Studies Publications

Hmong Studies Journal Full-Text Articles 1996-Present (listed by Scholar Name)

Hmong Studies Journal Full-Text Articles 1996-Present (listed by Topic)

A Bibliographic Guide to Recent Hmong Studies Research 2005-2010 by Mark E. Pfeifer

The State of Hmong American Studies (Bibliographic Essay) by Mark E. Pfeifer

Hmong-Related Research: Past, Present, and Future Directions (Bibliographic Essay) by Mark E. Pfeifer

(2008). Generation and Gender Roles in Hmong Society by Kou Yang (Part 1)

(2008). Generation and Gender Roles in Hmong Society by Kou Yang (Part 2)

(2008). A Bibliographic Guide to Recent Hmong Studies Research 2005-2008 by Mark E. Pfeifer.

(2008). “Cambodian, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese Americans in the 2005 American Survey.” Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, 3: 1-21 by Mark E. Pfeifer.

(2004) 2000 Hmong Census Publication (Hmong Cultural Center and Hmong National Development)

Hmong Journey for Freedom by Mai Xiong, EdD

Handbook for Teaching Hmong-Speaking Students (1989)(from Southeast Asia Community Resource Center, Rancho, Cordova, CA)(PDF Publication)

Other Recent Hmong-Related Research Publications

(2010). Ntxhais Hmoob: ‘Hmong daughters’ Supporting the well-being of young Hmong women by Mao Thao, Wilder Research.

(2010). Hmong mental health: An assessment of mental health needs and services for the Hmong community in Ramsey County by Mao Thao, Amy Leite, & Julie Atella, Wilder Research.

(2009). Teenage Marriage and the Socioeconomic Health of Hmong Women by Pa Der Vang for Hmong Women Achieving Together.

Classic Hmong Studies Publications from the
Refugee Educator's Network Website

Barney, Meo of Xieng Khouang Province (Laos Paper No. 13) PDF 5mb

Bernatzik 1970, Akha and Miao: Problems of Applied Ethnography (PDF)

Bertrais 1978, Dictionnaire Hmong-Francais PDF 20mb

Bertrais 1985, Dab Neeg Phau Ib (Hmong Folktales) PDF 4mb

Bliatout, Hmong Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome, PDF 4 mb

Boyes 1989, A Life Apart Viewed from the Hills PDF 5mb

Catlin 1980, Music of the Hmong, Singing Voices and Talking Reeds PDF 5mb

Cooper 1991, The Hmong PDF 30mb

Downing 1982, Hmong in the West: Observations and Reports PDF 11mb

Downing 1986, Hmong in Transition PDF 16mb

Finkle 1985, Hmong Recipe Cook Book PDF 1mb

Garnier, Further Travels in Laos and Yunnan, PDF 18mb

Geddes 1976, Migrants of the Mountains PDF 15mb

Graham, Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao PDF 24mb

Harmand, Laos and Hilltribes of Indochina, PDF 27mb

Heimbach 1969, White Hmong English Dictionary PDF 13mb

Lemoine 1993, L'Initiation du Mort Chez les Hmong PDF 6mb

Lemoine 1972, Un Village Hmong Vert du Haut Laos PDF 17mb

Leepreecha, 1994 Hmong Proverbs PDF 1mb

Lyman 1974, Dictionary of Mong Njua PDF13mb

Mottin 1980, History of the Hmong PDF 6mb

Mottin 1980, Elements de Grammaire Hmong PDF 6mb

Pfaff 1995, Hmong in America: Journey from a Secret War PDF 49mb

Roberts 1967, Area Handbook for Laos PDF 15mb

Schanche, 1970 Mister Pop, PDF 12mb

Strecker 1986, White Hmong Dialogues PDF 1mb

USAF, Plans and Policies in Laos, PDF 3mb

Vang 1988, English Hmong Bilingual Glossary of School Terminology PDF 3mb

Vang 1987, Hmong Alphabet Pre-Primer for Learning Vowels (Pahawh) PDF 1mb

Vang 1987, Learn How to Read Hmong (Pahawh) PDF 11mb

Vang and Lewis, 1986 Hmong in Thailand, PDF 29mb

Villa 1982, Primary Word Book (Hmong English) PDF 2mb

Viravong 1964, History of Laos PDF 7mb

White 1983, Showing the Way: A Hmong Initiation of the Dead PDF 1mb

Young 1962, Hilltribes of Northern Thailand PDF 6mb

Hmong-Related Theses online from University of Wisconsin-Stout

Perceived Hmong Cultural Barriers in School Counseling. Chang, Shoua (2010). M.S. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

American Hmong Youth and College Readiness: Integrating Culture and Educational Success. Huffcutt, Mary (2010). M.S. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Hmong Traditional Roles and the Pursuit of Higher Education for Married Hmong American Women. Khang, Mai Shoua (2010). M.S. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Assessment of Risk Factors for Developing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Hmong Americans from Dunn County, Wisconsin. Christopherson, Tanya (2009). M.S. Thesis, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The Vietnam War: Two Hmong Soldiers’ Personal Experience in the Secret War. Lor, Gjinn. 2008. Stout Thesis Collection.

Wisconsin Hmong Experiences with Hemodialysis. Krueger, Linda. 2007. Stout Thesis Collection.

The Relationship of Hmong Students’ Ethnic Identity Development to Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement. Sechrist, Zachary S. 2007. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong parents’ attitudes, perceptions of disability, and expectations of children with disabilitites a qualitative study of its impact on academic performance. Xiong, Mao. 2007. Stout Thesis Collection.

Perceptions and knowledge of Hmong high school students regarding mental health. Secrist, Zachary S. 2006. Stout Thesis Collection.

Perceptions and knowledge that 7th and 8th grade Hmong students have of school guidance programs. Sherman, Ryan. 2004. Stout Thesis Collection.

Factors leading Hmong youths to join gangs. Lor, Kevin C. 2003.Stout Thesis Collection.

The Hmong culture kinship, marriage & family systems. Moua, Teng. 2003. Stout Thesis Collection.

A qualitative study examining the effects of polygyny on Hmong individuals who had been raised in polygynous households. Yang, Manee. 2003. Stout Thesis Collection.

Across the ocean the impact of immigration on Hmong women. Lo, Kaying. 2002. Stout Thesis Collection.

Combating racism, bigotry, and prejudice preliminary research for development of an oral history CD on the cultural heritage of Hmong Americans Plan B paper. Her, Kennedee. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong family processes and their impact on Hmong adolescents' delinquent behaviors a correlational study. Xiong, Shanie. 2002. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong students at UW-Stout factors influencing attendance and retention in a post secondary institution. Crevier, Melissa. 2002. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong students' personal adjustment in American culture. Shi, Li. 2001. Stout Thesis Collection.

The Hmong a human resource transition. Dirks, Suzanne C. 2000. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong parent education and involvement and its impact on children a correlational study. Bondioli, Christopher A. 2000. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong parents' perceptions toward their children's education in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thao, Dang. 2000. Stout Thesis Collection.

Perception of early marriage and future educational goals attainment for Hmong female adolescents. Vue, Mana. 2000. Stout Thesis Collection.

The availability of adequate educational support programs for Southeast Asians as English as a second language students in Wausau East High School. Vang, Frank Chua. 1999. Stout Thesis Collection.

An examination of gangs in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and the community's racial perception of gangs. Higgins, Mary Beth and Ka Vang. 1999. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong youth attitudes toward early marriage. Vue, Chuesee. 1999. Stout Thesis Collection.

An investigation of Hmong students' performance on four standardized cognitive ability measures. Preston, Jodi. 1999. Stout Thesis Collection.

Obstacles Hmong students face in going on to higher education. Xiong, Jennifer. 1999. Stout Thesis Collection.

English proficiency level correlated with cumulative grade point average for selected Southeast Asian students by gender, grade level, and birthplace. Marsh, Debra M. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong high school students' attitudes and aspirations toward education. Lo, Xiong A. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong parents attitude and perception toward Hmong juvenile delinquency in America. Vang, Tou K. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Hmong perception and behaviors regarding shamanic practice and western medicine. Vang, See J. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Parental influences and academic success of Hmong adolescent students is there a relationship? Lor, Song. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

The relationship between crime and depression within the Wausau area Hmong youth community. Yang, Tong S. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Where they are now the second follow-up study of the 1992 college-bound Hmong graduates. Xiong, Youa. 1998. Stout Thesis Collection.

Other Theses

Berger, Aurea. (2011). Hmong Americans and Healthcare Inequalities and Solutions. Senior Thesis, San Francisco State University.

Eldridge, Margaret Ursula. (2008). New Mountain, New River, New Home? The Tasmanian Hmong. M.S. Thesis, University of Tasmania.

Mendonca, Kimberly C. (2009). Appropriating the Unspoken Text: Development Discourse and Hmong Women in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Ed.D. Dissertation, University of San Francisco.

Other Online Publications Related to Hmong Studies

Field Guide to Hmong Culture. Dia Cha, Mai Zong Vue, Steve Carmen (Madison Children's Museum), 2004.

Center for Applied Linguistics (2004). The Hmong: An Introduction to their History and Culture

Latt, Sai S.W. (2009). “Ethnic Politics, Migrant Labour and Agrarian Transformation: A Case Study of the Hmong and the Shan in a Royal Project in Northern Thailand.” Canada Research Chair in Asian Studies Working Paper, Number 4, February 2009 – Universite de Montreal.

Tugault-Lafleur, Claire and Sarah Turner. (2009). “Of Rice and Spice: Hmong Livelihoods and Diversification in the Northern Vietnam Uplands.” Canada Research Chair in Asian Studies Working Paper, Number 3, January 2009 – Universite de Montreal.

Other Websites with Research Publications Related to Hmong Studies

Dr. Gary Yia Lee's Website

Dr. Kao-Ly Yang's Website

Nick Poss's Website

Other Publications Related to Southeast Asian American Studies

Journal of Southeast Asian American Advancement and Education

Journal of Lao Studies

Handbook for Teaching Lao-Speaking Students (From Southeast Asia Community Resource Center, Rancho Cordova, CA)(PDF Publication)

Cambodia:Cultural Background for ESOL Teachers by Tuong Hung Nguyen

Thailand:Cultural Background for ESL/EFL Teachers by Tuong Hung Nguyen
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