Elderly Services

In their home countries, most Elders are given a special status and are appreciated for the cultural wisdom they carry. Once these Elders arrive as refugees in the United States, however, they no longer have a special knowledge about the dominant culture, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and loss of purpose. In order to honor our Elders and prevent them from feeling isolated, HAP provides Adult Daycare Services and Independent Living Skills support for refugee Elders, age 60 or older, at our main location on the East Side of Saint Paul. Services help Elders meet their daily living needs and build strong, supportive relationships in their new community.

Elders Drop-In Center

In 2012, HAP provided an Elders Drop-in Center three days per week. Drop-in Center services and activities included individual case management, educational and  social programming, field trips, shopping trips, Elder Women’s Circle, and cultural celebrations.


During 2012, HAP served a total of 102 unduplicated Elders with Adult Daycare and Drop-in Center services.


Adult Daycare
LIFE Program
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