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For more than two decades, HAP has provided programs and services designed to empower Hmong families to acculturate to life in America, as well as to build the knowledge and skills needed to become successfully educated and employed, while retaining their cultural heritage and identity. HAP provides self-sufficiency and youth services out of its center of Saint Paul, its training and education center in Saint Paul's Frogtown area, and at its location in North Minneapolis.

HAP's current programmatic goals are to:

  • Support Hmong refugee and immigrant adults achieve self-sufficiency for themselves and their families by gaining English language skills, computer and life skills, effectively utilizing program support such as child care and transportation, and to maximize job placement and job retention assistance.

  • Continue to adequately support Hmong refugees coming from Thailand to acculturate and maximize new opportunities.

  • Help Hmong youths achieve social and academic success, increase their opportunities for learning, provide positive avenues for them to connect with the larger Hmong community, and to prevent their involvement with drugs, crime and violence.

  • Empower Hmong families in crisis to move toward healing from serious family conflict with hope and life management tools.

  • Assist Hmong Elders to remain living independently in their homes through access to appropriate services and opportunities that prevent them from becoming isolated.

  • Expand services to include new immigrant and refugee populations, specifically the Karen and Somali.

Education and Training Program

Provides two core English language and job skills development classes designed to help refugee, immigrant, and other adults to reach their language learning and employment goals.

Employment Services Program

Increases the economic self-sufficiency of adult Hmong refugees and immigrants and others by providing them with the assistance and services necessary to find and maintain jobs. These services include: employment assessment; education and support to help remove challenges and barriers to self-sufficiency, and; job search and job placement assistance.

Elderly Services

Supports Hmong Elders with connections to resources that help them continue to live independently in their own homes. In addition, the program provides a range of culturally specific activities that honor Hmong Elders while providing them with strong social connections that reduce their isolation and increase their well-being. Elders also receive Independent Living Skills services that include case management, assisting them to make and keep medical and other appointments; translation, housing and benefits assistance; and home visits.

Youth and Family Services

Offers comprehensive services designed to encourage youths to develop or maintain relationships with positive adults in their lives, increase their self-esteem and social skills, and build a connection to, and pride in, Hmong culture.

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